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12nc -- Foreign affiliates in Finland by industry, 2007-2021

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Statistics Finland, foreign affiliates in finland
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The industry is defined for the main and secondary jobs of employed persons according to the employer's establishment or the industry of one's own enterprise. Statistics Finland's Standard Industrial Classification is used in the definition of industry.


Employees (FTE)

Employees refer to wage and salary earners and self-employed persons. Employees are converted to annual full-time employees (FTEs) so that, for example, an employees working half-time represents one half of a person and two employees working half-time for one year represent one annual full-time employee.

Employees (FTE)

With regard to self-employed persons, the labour input of a self-employed person is the input the owner of an enterprise or his/her family member has made into the enterprise without actual remuneration.

Employees (FTE)

For enterprises not included in the surveys of the Register of Enterprises and Establishments, numbers of employees are estimated from data on wages and salaries.

Turnover (million euro)

The turnover of an affiliate comprises all market sales of goods or services supplied to third parties irrespective of whether the customers are external to the group or companies belonging to the same group.
The total turnover (100%) should be reported even if the group does not exercise full ownership over the affiliate.
Turnover comprises sales profits from the actual activity of the affiliate, after deduction of granted discounts and rebates, value added tax and other taxes based directly on sales volume. Turnover also includes all other charges (transport, packaging, etc.) passed on to the customer.
Income classified as other operating income, financial income and extra-ordinary income and revenue from the use by others of enterprise assets yielding interest, royalties and dividends and other income according to the International accounting standards (IAS/IFRS) is excluded from turnover. Operating subsidies received from public authorities or the institutions of the European Union are also excluded.

Number of affiliates

Suomessa sijaitsevien ulkomaalaisomisteisten osakkuus- ja tytäryhtiöiden lukumäärä.